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Our Targets

The students and teachers at St. Ignatius College, partnered with other secondary schools within Gozo College, Maria Regina College, St. Nicholas Collage and St. Theresa College, have embarked in a common project under the ‘Entrepreneurship through Education Scheme’ titled [email protected] . The team of students and teachers managing the project aim to achieve a number of educational targets. 

  • Mainly this initiative will be intended so to;develop the students’ entrepreneurial skills,  strengthening intrapersonal skills particularly creativity and innovation, leadership, communication and decision making; and
  • promote the popularization of Science among Form 2 students . Through this initiative, Form 2 students from different Collages will be encouraged to consider subjects related to Science and Technology through their subject choice.

To achieve all this, the group of students and teachers working on the ‘Entrepreneurship through Science’ initiative at St. Ignatius College will also need to team up with partner secondary schools within the other colleges. This activity will eventually create opportunities of networking amongst schools, where experiences are shared and more students benefit from the outcomes of the project.